Invest in you: Know your resources

Invest in you: Know your resources


In my last column, I talked about a vital component to getting your business goals off the ground – organized finances. With finances in order and a business goal set, it’s the perfect time to make the leap to starting your business. But, before you do, talk to the experts – they can help turn your business goals into an executable business plan.

Something I learned first-hand is that you don’t have to go it alone. In fact, you shouldn’t! No matter where you are in your career or the level of success you’ve achieved, a little extra hands-on support can go a long way.

Nobody is born knowing how to start a business and using local U.S. Small Business Administration resources, (like Women’s Business Centers and Small Business Development Centers), can give you the knowledge and confidence to build out your business goals. These offices provide assistance to small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs, helping them to realize the dream of business ownership and remain competitive in the marketplace.

I’ve seen women come to the Women’s Business Development Center (WBDC) not only to gain expertise and ideas for starting a business, but also to foster the confidence to achieve their goals through workshops, one-on-one counseling, and discussions with lenders. Serving as a resource for women from all walks of life, the WBDC provides services and programs that support women’s business ownership and strengthens their impact on the economy. Headquartered in Chicago, the WBDC has satellite offices in Aurora, Minneapolis, Kansas City, Milwaukee, and St. Louis and at the IL SBDC at Governors State University. The SBA also offers services just like this to businesses and entrepreneurs in all 50 states, making business coaching and plan development accessible virtually anywhere to all aspiring business owners.

Opening a business requires a great deal of work, but with sound counsel to put your goals into practice, you’re one step closer to the dream of business ownership. Amidst organizing your finances and hustling to plan, keep in mind that there are resources and trained professionals that can help when you feel stuck. Despite the challenges you may face, there is always a reachable solution.

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