Marketing Managment

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  • Program Tuition: $4,500 USD
  • Program tuition includes course materials


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Program Overview

This course will introduce you to the substantive and procedural aspects of marketing management and sharpen your skills for critical analytical thinking and effective communication.

Specifically, the goals are to introduce students to marketing strategy and to the elements of marketing analysis: Customer, competing company, and company analysis; Marketing mix (product, pricing, advertising and promotion, and distribution strategies);Problem solving and decision-making abilities in these operational areas of marketing.

Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Management

The course includes a term-long project where students work in teams (4-5 students per team) to write a business plan for a venture of the team’s choosing.

From the point of view of the entrepreneur, the course considers how significant business opportunities are identified, planned, and built into real companies; how resources are matched with opportunity; and how, within this framework, entrepreneurs seek capital and other assistance from venture capitalists or other sources.

From the point of view of the venture capitalist, the course considers how potential entrepreneurial investments are evaluated, valued, structured, and enhanced; how different venture capital strategies are deployed; and how venture capitalists raise and manage their own funds.