MIB Arrives in Brazil with an Online Partnership

MIB Arrives in Brazil with an Online Partnership

Brazil’s industrial production is on the rise, as its international trade and its economy outpacing growth expectations. In such a context, global educational institutes cannot ignore the innovation of rapidly developing emerging markets.

That’s why the Massachusetts Institute of Business is not taking this matter lightly. This year, with a partnership with Grupo Educar Mais, MIB is expanding its borders to Brazil with Online MBA programs that focus on the development of international business skills, catering to both local students and international students alike.

With online classes, students can take classes anywhere and anytime they want. As they can also choose between MBA business programs that focus on accounting, marketing, international business, business management, finance, human resource, private equity and many others courses available.

All degrees include a module centered on business in international markets. As a core element of the program, the module teaches students about the specific cultural-institutional practices and economic achievements of different countries. These globally oriented programs offer students the best of both worlds: an education on business outlook plus an international perspective, important for local applicants with their eyes on the horizon.

One of MIB Benefits for global students is that MBA graduates participate in an international study tour as part of one of the module, where they have had the opportunity to visit MIB Campus, in Cambridge, and study there for a moth, enjoying the experience abroad.

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