9 Boston developments to watch in 2019

9 Boston developments to watch in 2019

It might be starting to feel like construction is happening on every block in Boston.

The building boom the city has been experiencing saw the Boston Planning and Development Agency approve almost $7 billion in new development in 2018, with the Boston Business Journal calling it a “groundbreaking year for groundbreakings.”

Jonathan Greeley, director of development review in the BPDA, told Boston.com that on any given day in Boston there are more than 100 large construction sites within the city limits.

“What we find exciting is that for years and years in Boston a lot of the construction activity was kind of limited to core downtown areas,” he said. “And one of the things that’s been a real transition in recent years is that that development activity has spread out across the city, which means that more and more of the city is starting to see more of the benefits of new development. Everything from new housing, new office, new retail — so that’s something that we’re generally really excited about.”

With so many projects getting underway and going through the approval process, we asked Greeley to name some of the developments the public should keep an eye on in 2019.

“There are a lot of exciting projects happening all over the city — we’re excited about all of them,” he said.

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