Roadmap For Success: Women And Executive Leadership

Roadmap For Success: Women And Executive Leadership

Women must do more advocating for themselves in order to build the senior support networks vital to any executive career path.

As a woman rising in today’s executive workforce, you need every edge you can get. While studies continue to underscore positive correlations between companies with gender-diverse leadership teams and profitability, women executives are still far scarcer than their male counterparts. For example, a recent study found that 75% of businesses have at least one woman in a senior management position, but the proportion of upper-level roles held by women is still only at 24%.

As an executive coach with women accounting for two-thirds of my client-base, I regularly help them work through their challenges as they advance into executive leadership roles. Certain areas are always a component of my coaching programs with women, despite their unique goals, industry or role.

Leadership is a professional skill that can be developed like any other. Women seeking executive leadership positions should strongly consider participating in programs that help improve their skills and bring their leadership to the next level. I believe creating a clear and compelling professional roadmap helps pave the way to future success.

By: Forbes

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